How do you clean the tubes?

At 2am-3am every night, boiling hot water with food-safe detergent is flushed through the pipes, so they're shiny and clean for the next day's soup.

How did Soup Tube pass safety inspections with an underground series of unrefrigerated tubes?

It’s 2020. We have Trump, Coronavirus, ravaging Climate Change, devastating wars in Yemen, Syria and across the World, Police killing law-abiding citizens...
Why not Soup Tube?

Who would trust clam chowder from a tube? 

Why, in a world of FIVE competing food delivery services would someone pay REAL MONEY to have lukewarm soup pushed through the remnants of other soups from previous soup mishaps in a style similar to raw sewage?

What do you mean?

Doesn’t the soup stagnate in the tubes?

No, thanks to our cutting-edge (patent-pending) Soup Tube technology. First of all, we strive to achieve perfect turbulent flow, as that has a more uniform velocity gradient, compared to laminar flow. Servings of soup are separated by distilled water, so that they never mix. We just keep ‘em movin’ and divert the single servings as needed. Secondly, with such a strange viscosity gradient profile, instability might arise at some point. A "smart grid" with traffic control is our answer. Finally, it's important to ensure the pipes are extremely hydrophobic by epitaxially growing graphene on the inner surface of the pipes.

Is there a PREMIUM subscription?

Yes, it offers more variety of soups, and an even more advanced technology: the Magnetic Encapsulation and Levitation (MEAL) solution. Each serving is like a bullet of soup that is held together as a unit and does not physically contact the inside of the tube by using MEAL. The soup is in the form of droplets that are encased in perfectly harmless superconductive nano-spheres. Of course, the tube has to be kept at cryogenic temperature, so there is a high powered induction heater in the nozzle that instantly heats the soup as it is dispensed.

So wait, would this just be a basic chicken noodle, all the time, or are we talking multiple options?

Multiple options available.

What happens if you charge miles of soup tube with tomato soup, but I decide I want a New England clam chowder?

First, the Soup Tube evacuates the tomato soup, then carefully pumps the chowder.

How do you  keep soup hot in giant tubes going all over the city? 

We keep the soup luke-warm and then install an in-line soup-rewarmer at the tube outlet.

Is the soup packaged in a tooth paste-type tube, like GoGurt, bagged milk, or freezy pops?

No, no, and NO. That’d be nuts. Soup is delivered fresh, in liquid-ish form.

How do you prevent soup pirates from hijacking the tubes?

By insulating the tubes with a rubber bladder.

Is Soup Tube going to be available in my counyty?

We are going global, with primary market in Europe. However, limited options will be available in the U.S. and Canada soon - with Tomato, and VeggieBeetroot flowing through the tubes.

Are all soups hot?

No, we carry a wholeline of chilled soups: Gazpacho. Butternut squash. Watermelon mint. Just lovely light flavors.

Is it called Soup Pipe?

No, it most definitely is NOT. It’s Soup Tube. TUBE.

Do I have to call and say "I want tomato soup in 10 minutes, fill the tube"?

No, the tube is pre-filled everyday based on your bi-monthly order. If you didn’t like the succession or taste of some of our soups, you can always change your mind two months later.

How do I pour the soup?

You simply open the soup tube valve at a precise time (also specified in the bi-monthly order). Your soup(s) are added to the tubes in line with others up and down stream on your tube line. A plug and propellant are added after the soup, allowing just your soup to be delivered to your home. Once your soup is delivered the plug allows the propellant to continue down the line cleaning the past soup. Your neighbors soup is following shortly behind that, in the propellant gap. Its very simple.

Wouldn’t a conveyor belt or air tubes be more hygienic?

No. It would touch air. Air is dirty (pollution from fossil fuel burning, car exhaust etc.).

What about people with busy, active lifestyles that would like to enjoy soup outdoors, and without taking a break from what they're doing?

Those people should reasses their priorities. Soup Tube should always come first. Besides, eating soup outdoors with any kind of mobile solutions simply doesn’t work. Straws would only be good for blended soups, while thermoses containins larger chunks have one big flaw: if you tilt them back to get the solids from the bottom without a spoon, the hot chunks all dump on your face. So, there is simply no feasible way to eat soup on the go.

Do you have mental health issues?


Are you close with your parents or siblings? Do they know about this idea?

They know, and are considering investing. You should too.

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